Hello. We are a startup studio. A Company Developing + Designing digital products into software companies.

We develop + design digital products into ventures, co-creating startups in partnership with founders and corporations. Our focus is to craft PaaS or SaaS based products that are data orientated and use machine learning or natural language processing. And have growth potential + network effect value. That challenge the way people think and live.

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We flirt with hundreds of ideas. And then develop + prove their hypothesis with prospective customers iteratively. Scrapping 8 out of 10 of these ideas.


We flirt some more. Choosing a few viable ideas with network effect value. Then craft prototypes. Working direct with customers to find market-fit.


When commercial viability for an idea is proven. We get in a relationship with it and craft it into a product to beta. Testing iteratively with customers.


Once traction and a healthy revenue has been seen. We marry it. And launch it from the mothership to grow it as a company within 24-36 months

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