We develop ventures, co-creating startups in partnership with founders and corporations. Assembling the minimum team required to grow ideas into independent companies within 36 months. We only develop a few projects at any one time. Designing and developing new businesses that challenge the way people think and live. Learn more ->


We flirt with hundreds of ideas. Develop and prove their hypothesis with prospective customers through infinite cycles. Scrapping 8 out of 10 of our ideas.


Then choose a few viable ideas. And flirt some more. Experimenting with them. Crafting prototypes And working directly with customers to find a market-fit.


Globally commercial viability for an idea is proven. We get in a relationship with it. Craft the product to beta. Testing it in iterative cycles with customers.


Product momentum and regular revenue streams are seen. So we commit and marry it. Launching it from the mothership as a company in 24-36 months to grow it.

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