Our Hacker-In-Residence Program.

If you are not afraid of failure, love to craft digital products and are driven by realisability. And are focused on crafting for tomorrow. Tomorrow to us is web 3.0 and industry 4.0. And those who are innovative and have different ideas that will include data, machine learning or natural language. With the ability to follow through and execute strategically. And are someone that is either a founder-quality engineer, developer, designer, marketer and product lead wizard or wizardess. Someone who desires to challenge conventions and improve peoples lives. We are interested in getting to know you.


Our attitude is not to be afraid of failure. We never give up when a challenge becomes to much. And we love those who execute consistently. Those with a scientific approach to developing ideas. A love of emerging technologies. Where learning and working with others in a fast paced and collaborative environment is key.


We look for those who are ambitions, logical and technically or creatively minded. That have global mindsets for growing and building businesses. Who encompass the ability to openly think beyond the measures of conformity, and take risks to solve problems. That could change the way people think and live.


The languages we use are GoLang, C++, Python, ReactJS, Erlang to DevOps such as Unix Shell, Coverrails, Grunt, Docker, Cargo to managing VPS systems and DNS. Etc. You can checkout a more detailed list of some of the tools we use below. Which is ever evolving. Since we do love to experiment.

Some Tools We Use.

Current Open Positions.

If you love what we are doing or believe you can add much value to Cappui. Stay notified or if a position is available apply.

[Sorry no positions currently]