Cappui proves the hypothesis of ideas to craft into products beyond beta and into monetisable companies over a twenty four to thirty six month period. We are fortunate to have identified through experience the common pitfalls of why companies or products fail. And have developed a best practice of our own to craft successful products.

We are not an incubator, accelerator or agency. We are simply a studio that creates startups. Usually based on our own ideas. And we craft these ideas into products that are concepted to challenge and change the way people think, live and work. Collaborating with great companies, founders or early-stage startups with mutually aligned visions through strategic partnerships as a collective to innovate and change global markets. So we are a startup studio building software companies from products.

So what happens at a startup studio? Well beyond the ideation stage when we've successfully proven an idea to work on after scrapping eight out of ten ideas in the process. We then move onto an experimental phase of crafting a prototype, working closely with prospective customers through focus groups for continuous feedback, branding the product and continuing to iterate until a suitable product-market-fit has been found to release the product and test it out in the real world. And then move into the growth phase to turn the product into a company. To grow the company into a global company.

Cappui specialises in technology and product strategy to system and user experience design. Out initial focus is around Platforms for Enterprise, Virtual Assistants and AR currently. With an interest in industries such as Finance, Health. Agriculture, Travel and ecommerce.


Those building Cappui into a leading startup studio. The mothership for our products.

Duncan Forbes - Founder

After starting as a developer + graphic designer at the family business aged 18. I found myself in marketing & advertising after leaving. Which led me to founding a lifestyle company. Which was all but a learning experience that had notable bumps along the way. That eventually found me venturing back to crafting products again. And start building Cappui into what I aim to become one of the top five startup studios in the world.

My role is to concept ideas and help grow them into products with the potential of network effect value. As well as discovering new ways for Cappui to deliver increased returns or results.

In my free time I read a lot. And am currently reading 'The Rise and Fall Of American Growth' and 'Reaching Down the Rabbit Hole'. Otherwise you will find me swimming, sailing, kayaking, hiking or mountain biking. Or studying and improving my technical skills or theoretical knowledge.

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