R&D+Venture Partnerships.

We work closely with a select number of forward-thinking companies to create and build ventures over 36 months together. Those who wish to innovate and create products that are smart. And challenge the status quo of how people think and live. These companies invest in us by strategically working together to design and craft the future. As their innovation lab.

How It Works.

We are your company's innovation lab. And craft and build a new venture from idea to monetised company within a 36 month period. Assembling a team of existing talent from within your organisation. And transferring the knowledge and skills required to run a startup. Yet managing to maintain your companies culture.

Assess to Assemble.

We meet in person. Discuss your product/company concept. And learn deeply about your company and its culture. And then if we agree to work together commit to the venture. Our venture partnership model is based on a fixed monthly management fee + with equity buyouts on the long-term. After committing we handpick the minimum team to craft the product. Either from your organisation or outside of it. To build it into a company over 36 months.

Ideation to Experiments.

We work with the team to research hundreds of possible ideas. Then develop + prove their hypothesis with prospective customers iteratively. During this process 8 out of 10 of these ideas will be scrapped. Once we have a few viable ideas. We will start to experiment with these by crafting prototypes. Working directly with customers and testing them to find market-fit.

Release to Growth.

Once commercial viability is proven and market-fit has been found for an idea. We will then craft the product from idea to beta and beyond. Testing iteratively with customers in partnership. Adapting its features according the customer feedback. Once noticeable traction and a healthy revenue has been seen. We will then launch the product from the mothership and grow it as a company.

Our Formula.

We use a formula that is used throughout our whole phase process of Ideation, Experimentation, Release and Growth. That like our user experience and modern development process. Enables us to focus on our long term strategies and craft a product into a company that has a positive impact.

End-User * Product * Strategy * Company * Profit   ∑    
    * Refine   ∑    

Daily Digest + Beta Access.

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